Volcano Aroma Diffuser (160ml) - Black

SGD $89.00 $75.65

Product Description:
An Aroma Diffuser Device for you to safely enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Pure and Natural Essential oils.

Package consists of:
1. Outer Lid of Water tank
2. Base of Water tank
3. Power Adapter
4. Instruction Manual

Product Specifications

  • Size: 160ML
  • Power Supply: Adapter
  • Spray Mode: Long Spray/1H/3H/5H
  • Product Size: 140x140x145mm
  • Diffuse area: 108-165 Sq ft
  • Product Material: ABS/PP
  • Product Weight: 280g
  • Country of Origin: China

Special features:
**Safety Consideration:
Power-Off Protection.
Prevent dry burning of products


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