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Unleash your self-esteem with Aromatherapy

Unleash your self-esteem with Aromatherapy!

Have you ever faced a situation at work where you felt that you had put in your best effort but things did not seem to go as your expectation at work, while other people progressed better than you. As times goes by, you start to ponder if you had done the correct things and lose your esteem and confidence?

Well, I had experienced this situation in the past when I lost my self esteem and started to lack confidence in myself.

It was so bad that I was so unhappy and depressed and negativity set in. That was also the time I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Eventually, I decided to develop a blend for myself that can uplift my negativity spirits and make me happy every day. That was how I started my own brand, Sixth Senses Aromatics.

At the same time, to empower me in boosting my self confidence.

Esteem Blend

Esteem Blend

Try Esteem blend which consists of

  • Sweet Orange oil : Citruses oils usually can uplift your spirits and make one happy.
  • Rose Geranium oil: Helps with depressing thoughts
  • Lavender oil: Calming and relaxing
  • Cedarwood, atlas oil: Grounding oil that can make you be more focused in decision making and the things you do.
  • Bergamot oil: Known as “happy” oil which can boost up your mood. Take note that this oil is photo-toxic and hence must be take note not to overuse on its own. Here, we have blended in a safe dilution.

Esteem Face and Body MistEsteem Face & Body Mist 100ml
Esteem Face and Body Mist 50mlEsteem Face & Body Mist 50ml

To try our “Esteem” range, click on the Products page.

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