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  • My journey in using aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis
My journey in using aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

My journey in using aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

My Rheumatoid Arthritis started one morning last year when I woke up feeling numbness in my fingers and I brushed it away with the thought that the cause of it might be because my air-con temperature was too low the night before.

After 2 days, I still had the numbness. I went to consult the doctor, and because I just recovered from fever 2 weeks ago, the doctor told me to monitor and suggested that it might be the after-effect of the fever. However, after 6 weeks, the stiffness of my joints around my wrist and fingers was still there!

Though I sought a second opinion, I was eventually recommended to do a blood test. The next day, I went back to the clinic to check the results. It never occured to me that the result was positive as I had always been a healthy person. To my disappointment, the blood test revealed that my ESR marker did show an indication of a possibility of RA.

I was then recommended to visit a RA specialist. During my first visit, I had to take 6 tubes of blood to test practically almost every functions of my organs.

I was very depressed as what the doctor told me next was that there was no cure for this condition. It was an autoimmune disease and what they could do was to provide me with some pain killers to stop the pain and some ointment to apply. I was also prescribed with Methotrexate and had to visit the specialist every month for the first three months and to draw blood to keep monitoring my condition.

I told myself that I had to find a treatment for myself though it is a condition that will stay with me for life.

I began reading up a lot of aromatherapy books and gather more information on this condition and found some oils that are beneficial for RA.

I made different types of roll-on with different combination and I had about 10 different combinations in the whole process. I applied them on myself for a few time daily in a span of 3 months.

Finally, I found the most suitable formulation for myself. My numbness and pains were gone after 3 months.

However, another bolt of lightning stroke again when my wrist was experiencing pain suddenly. I thought my RA was giving me problems once more time. I went back to see the doctor and that time, I was diagnosed with De Quervain Syndrome.

Luckily, I recovered after another three months.

It was not easy to have RA as you basically have to keep doing blood test before visit before the check-up. You also had to be put on medication.

It has been almost 1.9 months after being diagnosed with RA.

I have been seeing a new RA specialist now for 1.5 years and the last visit was last month and the good news was my condition has stabilised and if it improved further, I am able to completely stop taking medication. This time, they took 1 tube of blood from me during the test. I really disliked the pricking.

Aromatherapy should not replace any prescribed medications or medical advice.  Always seek medical advice if you have any medical concerns and check any safety data before using any essential oils. However, sometimes, we need complementary therapies to help us relieve any pain or give us some emotional comfort.

Using aromatherapy particularly applying essential oils roll-on helped me tremendously in relieving joint pains associated with RA and I am thankful that essential oils aided me when I was in my most lowest period.

We should be live positively and be happy always.

For those who are also having some issues, fret not, there is always something to uplift you!

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Written by: Michelle, Founder of Sixth Senses Aromatics.


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