5 essential oils for men

5 Essential Oils For Men

Do you have this idea that essential oils are generally for ladies?
Is there are any essential oils do men generally prefer?
Every person is different and scent is subjective to everyone. Our preferences for certain aromas are due to the experiences we had gone through, the likes and the dislikes of an individual.

Many men have preferences for deeper, rich, woody, resinous and balsamic aromatic scents. Below is a list of 5 essential oils that we think many men will love to get you started. For ladies, you have some gift ideas to consider:

  1. Sandalwood
    Known in its botanical name as “Santalum album”, it is a small, evergreen, parasitic tree with leathery leaves and small, pink- purple flowers that feeds through suckers attached to the roots of other trees.It is extracted through steam-distillation from the roots and heartwood, both powdered and dried. It is a very expensive oil due to over-harvesting and the oils are heavily depleted. Predominantly from India, Australia is becoming the replacement country as the leading grower of sandalwood. The oil is described as pale yellow, greenish or brownish. Sandalwood is a lovely oil to use in blends for all skin types but is beneficial for dry, aging and cracked skin. A good oil to include in aftershave as it prevents inflammation and as penetrating and long-lasting scent.Sandalwood helps to loosen and remove mucus being a pulmonary antiseptic oil. Recognised as one of the few true aphrodisiacs which can help to promote sexuality in those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Sandalwood’s aroma is warm and comforting which soothes nervous tension, lifts depression and calms hyperactivity which encourage sound sleep.
  2. Pine
    Scotch Pine or botanical name “Pinus sylvestris” is another essential oil that is well-liked by most men. The countries that produce Pine are U.S.A., Russia and Finland.It is an evergreen tree, up to 40m tall, with long needles and pointed, brown cones. Scotch Pine is a colourless oil with strong, balsamic, turpentine aroma. Scotch Pine is extracted by steam distillation from the oleo-resin. The uses of Scotch Pine are for treating tired, sore muscles as it is a warming and soothing oil. It has a powerful effect on the respiratory system especially when used in baths, massage oil or inhalations and air sprays. Scotch Pine is also an oil comforts and strengthens us when we are feeling weak or miserable.
  3. Frankincense
    Frankincense, known as the botanical name “Boswellia carterii”, is a small tree or shrub with pinnate leaves and white or pink flowers. The natural gum is collected by making incisions into the bark; the milky white liquid solidifies into tear-shaped amber lump to produce the essential oil. The countries that Frankincense are extracted are from Somalia, Ethiopia and China (but distillation in Europe). Frankincense is extracted from Oleo-resin by steam distillation. A pale yellow or green oil with a warm, rich, sweet, balsamic aroma, Frankincense helps slows and deepens breathing which is useful during asthma attacks. Frankincense oil destroys infection-causing bacteria which helps to clean boils, wounds and ulcers. Frankincense is a gentle “balancer” for oil skin which helps to generate aging skin and keeps wrinkles at bay and may smooth out existing ones.
  4. Sweet Orange
    “Citrus sinensis”, botanical name of Sweet Orange is a small tree with ovate leaves, fragrant white flowers and round fruit ripening to orange. Sweet Orange oil is obtained from the fruit peel through cold expression. Its cultivation is from the countries of Italy, Brazil and Cyprus.Sweet Orange oil is a yellow or orange oil with a sweet, fruity aroma.Sweet Orange oil is reputed for being a cheerful oil that helps to ease depression and encourages us to be joyful. It has a toning effect on the digestive system which helps to relief gas, cramps and spasms in the intestines, settles a nervous stomach and eases digestion. It is useful for treating fungal infections and killing bacteria.
  5.  Vetiver
    Another essential oil that men prefer is Vetiver. Known as “Vetiveria zizanoides”, it is a tall, scented grass with long, narrow leaves and white roots. Vetiver is cultivated from Caribbean and it is extracted by steam distillation from its roots. The oil is a dark brown or amber coloured oil that has an earthy, woody, slightly sweet aroma.Vetiver is reputed as an oil that has the ability to strengthen the nervous and immune systems. This oil is also a deeply relaxing, balancing and healing oil which is suitable for people who feels depressed, isolated and rootless. Vetiver is known to be grounding, and is useful to encourage restful sleep.

The list above is not-exhaustive.

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